Australian Embassy

DAP - Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs are also available in Burmese.

1.         When will applications be accepted?

Applications closed on 10 September 2018.

Applications are only accepted during designated grant rounds. Grant rounds are announced on the Embassy Website and Facebook page and through an email to our DAP mailing list. Please do not submit applications outside of our annual grant round.

If you would like to be added to our mailing list, please email


2.         What regions around Myanmar are eligible?

Development projects in all regions of Myanmar are eligible to apply to DAP.


3.         How much money can I apply for through the Direct Aid Program?

You can apply for funding of up to USD35,000 for a single project.


4.         How many grants are available in each round?

Usually there are 5-10 grants offered each funding round. However, this number may change from year to year depending on how much funding each project is requesting.


5.         Can I apply again if I have received a grant in the past?

Yes, as long as the previous project is finished and you have acquitted past grants you may apply again. Please note however DAP funding is not designed to provide ongoing funding.


6.         Can my organisation apply for more than one DAP grant?

Please submit only one application per organisation.



7.         What if my organisation isn’t registered in Myanmar?

You can still apply for DAP.


8.         Is a child protection policy needed for every application?

You do not need to include a child protection policy in your EOI, but if you are invited to submit a full proposal it must include a child protection policy.


9.      Do I have to be in Myanmar to apply?

No. If your proposed project is within Myanmar then you are eligible to apply. Please note, DAP funding cannot be used for international travel.


10.      Who can I contact for more information about DAP grants?


For more information about DAP, please contact the Australian Embassy by email


11.       Does the Australian Embassy accept DAP applications year-round?

No. The Australian Embassy holds one DAP funding round each year. The call for applications will be announced on the Australian Embassy website and Facebook page.


12.        Once the call for applications has been announced, how long do applications remain open for?

Applicants will have 3 weeks to submit their Expressions of Interest. If you are selected to submit a full proposal, you will have an additional 3 weeks to submit your full proposal.


13.      How long will providers receive funding for?

Projects can run for a maximum of two years, but we welcome shorter projects as well. Projects longer than two years will not be eligible for funding.


14.      How do I know which organisations received funding?

After the selection process, the DAP committee will inform successful and unsuccessful applicants via email. 


15.      What references are required?

Applicants who have not previously received funding from the Australian Government should provide two references. A reference should be a credible external individual familiar with the organisation who can vouch for you and your work. The purpose of the references is for us to independently check on the credibility of the applicants, and their capability to implement and acquit the projects which they propose.


16.      Does the application need to be in English?

Yes. Unfortunately we cannot accept applications in languages other than English.


17.      Can I include extra supporting material?

Please do not include any extra material with your EOI.


If you are invited to submit a full application, additional relevant supporting material can be included, but please note emails larger than 5MB will be blocked by the embassy’s email system.