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Visa Processing Time

Visa processing time

This page indicates current average timeframe for visa processing at the Australian Embassy, Yangon.

This information should be considered as a guideline only - actual processing times may vary. Please note that while we endeavour to deliver a quick service, we cannot guarantee that your application will be processed within average timeframes. Individual cases may take longer due to case complexity and workload at the Embassy. For global standard processing time please visit Visa Processing Time Service Standards

If you are planning to travel, especially on a visitor visa, during a peak period such as February, March, April, July, August or September, we strongly encourage you to apply for your visa as early as possible, preferably 1 month prior to your proposed travel date.

Please note that we are unable to provide any updates on the progress of your application if it is within the timeframes highlighted below.

Temporary residence

Visa types DIBP Global Service Standard

Current processing time in Yangon

(lodged through AVAC)

 Visitors  1 month  10 working days
 Transit    5 working days
 Business Visitors  1 month  10 working days

 Assessment Level 3 - 3 to 4 months

 Assessment Level 2 - 21 days

 Assessment Level 3 - 1 month

 AL Exempt - 1 month

 Returning Residents  2 weeks  10 working days

Note: If applicants require a medical examination or character requirements, the processing times may vary significantly and will take longer.


Permanent residence

All permanent visa applications will be transferred and processed in the Visa Office in Bangkok, Thailand. Applicants or authorised recipients will be allocated a case officer with his/her contact detail.

 Visa types

 DIBP Global Service  Standard

 Current processing time in Bangkok, Thailand
 Partner Migration (subclass 300, 309, 100)  12 months  12 months
 Other Family Migration (subclass 114, 115, 116)  

 Cap and Queue

 See more information at Other Family Visa Queue

 Child Migration (subclass 101, 102, 445, 117)  14 months  10 months
 Refugees  12 months  12 months

Note: Currently, high numbers of applications and a limited number of Special Humaintarian Program places means that it may take several years for \'split family\' applications to be decided. 

Citizenship by Descent

All citizenship by descent applications will be transferred and processed in the Visa Office in Bangkok, Thailand.

 Visa types  DIBP Global Service Standard  Estimated processing time
 Citizenship by Descent  1 month  Approximately 3 weeks


Last updated 12 May 2015